Nijhuis Pompen B.V was established in 1904 manufactures a wide range of tailor – made centrifugal pump types developed at customer specifications to meet market’s demands Some of Nijhuis Pompen important applications.
 ♦ Marine & dredging.
 ♦ Desalination Plants. 
 ♦   Industrial installations. 
 ♦ Irrigation / drainage system.
 ♦ Infrastructural systems for :
         * Drinking water.
         * Water treatment.
         * Sewage.
Fire pumps onshore.
Fire pumps offshore.
Beside the tailor made pumps, Nijhuis has the following pump types as standard for parameters specified below:
♦ Vertical turbine pumps         : Type Jupiter (VDC)
♦ Sewage pumps                         : Type Mercury (RW/RWV)
♦Split case pumps                      : Type Venus / Venus –V
♦ Mixed flow pumps                  : Type Suture (HMF/VMF)
♦ Self pring pumps                     : Type SL
♦ End suction pumps                 : Type Neptune (NC1 / NL2)
♦ Vertical inline pumps             : Type Neptune (VNC)
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