TECO - Westinghouse







TECO-Westinghouse motor company offers motors in sizes ranging from 1/4HP Up to some of the largest motors ever built.


T-Frame motors.


High quality line of AC induction motors are designed, manufactured & tested to meet or exceed the latest NEMA, IEEE & CSA standards.


Global Series Motors.


This line consists of totally enclosed Fan-cooled (TEFC) motors range Up to 1.000 HP.


World Series Motors.


Induction motors sophisticated Design technology. Horizontal & Vertical configuration available in Size up to 8.000 HP.


H-Series Motors.


The H-Series includes horizontal & vertical squirrel cage induction Motors up to 25.000 HP & from 2.3 KV to 13.8 KV


Synchronous Motors.


Available in power rating up to 30.000 HP in both high & low Speed design.


DC Motors.


High torque, variable speed motors Are ideally suited for the industrial & Marine markets, available in power Ratings up to 35.000 hp.

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